Monday, July 2, 2012

Jardín Japonés

Although I don't really like Argentina, I admit it has its good points. My quarrel is not with the country itself but more with its people.

The Argentine-Japanese Cultural Foundation hosts a beautiful, majestic park called the Jardín Japonés (literally, "Japanese Garden"). It is a breath-taking island of air in the middle of an otherwise tall-building district.

The ponds are filled with lots of koi carps you can feed. They are so cute! I love them.

Amongst the premises are a cultural center (like a small convention hall), a little library, a gift shop, a plant/bonsai shop, and a restaurant. This garden is truly a proof of Buenos Aires' splendor. But you got to hand it over to the Japanese community of our city for taking such good care of it. If it were for the rest of us Argentinians we would have recked it, as we do with everything else.

Luckily the park is perfect. Hundreds of trees are on display, and in mid August you might even catch an elusive Cherry Blossom or two.

The Jardín Japonés Restaurant is a gourmet option if you're not the type to just grab a hotdog or beef patty outside, lol. It is wonderfully traditional and the food is amazing (and just a little bit pricey, eheheh)

My boyfriend and I shared this Tonkatsu, basically panko-seared fried pork. They didn't have any curry in stock :( so sad!

And also this Moriawase Tempura, with vegetables, salmon and shrimp.

Karaage! (fried chicken). This has to be one of my favorite dishes!

Grilled Salmon and Rice. A classic.

The cultural hall was having a Ningyo (doll) exposition. The room was filled with different kinds of origami, kumitate, kirigami, and other paper arts in the shapes of dolls. So pretty!

"Welcome! To doll origami."

Aww, it's Pochaco!

The Little Mermaid, Ariel. The amount of work on these pieces is amazing.

Last but not least, the Garden has a small gift shop. It has a decent selection, with souvenirs such as darumas, porcelain tea elements, origami, postcards, etc.

The jar of stars keychain was my favorite ( ^_^)o-o<※ ☆

I hope you enjoyed my little report on Buenos Aires' beautiful gems (^^)

This poster was on one of the walls. As you may know I have always admired the Japanese. I thought this was simply touching. I am so happy to see Japan rise again from the disaster... not that I ever doubted they would, they always will. But I was so sad when I heard about the tsunami, I felt awful. It fills me with joy to see the perseverance of their people, their strong will and unbreakable hearts. So seeing this "Thank you" sign was really touching. It is us who should thank you Japan, for always being so strong and such an example to follow.

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  1. Japan is <3

    For some reason, things like this are the things that can make me cry and stuff. I love people who gives credit to others for their success. :)