Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Tim Burton Look

I was happily seating my by classmates today. I know one of them is an Alice in Wonderland - Disney fan. She is a lovely girl (errr, not just because of her tastes lol)

So she suddenly said -and please, do read this-

"You know Abi, you have the perfect face for a Tim Burton character. You look just like Alice."


The other classmates sitting by agreed. I was gushing all over -so happy- saying "thank you, thank you". I understand it is the weirdest thing to say thank you for. It's not like they are saying I'm pretty, more like, "you have a victorian/gothic look in your features"



PUKING RAINBOWS (... that doesn't sound as good as the meme does)

So this lit up an idea in my head...

Even though I did not like Burton's Alice (I am so sorry to say this. It just had nothing to do with the original. FORGIVE ME TIM), I admit that I thought when the auditions were taking place, "Dang, I wish I had some sort of acting talent or just the power to show up in England and present myself as Alice"

Well lucky I didn't do it. I could have gotten the part. Then I would have had to play the part of a very jaded and stoic Alice. No way Tim. You know that's not who Alice is.

Tim says, "Don't worry Abi dear, no hard feelings."

... thank you Tim.

But if you - and by you I mean YOU Mr. Burton - decide to make an awesome new Alice who is as polite and precocious and curious and lovely as the one from the original book, I will right now proceed to put up some pictures of me so you can have no doubt you are going to choose me.

Of course.

I know right - am I not the victorian face you need? If you call me I swear I would spend 23 hours a day practicing my British accent, and sleep just one hour. And I love sleeping. So that is saying a lot.

You can even have a picture of me where you can see the camera tripod. Sign of a good photographer. I know. I self-took it (yes, really, and all the other pics too)

This one is a little bit murder-stare-ish. I wasn't feeling too happy the day I took these photographs for a college assignment. I think it shows.

There were creepier pics with the bunny but I picked the mildest one. See Tim? Oval face and droopy eyelids. I got the works going on!

And finally, contrasting a little bit with the blue, a pic where I am literally having a tea party with my stuffed toys. Yes, that is an Alice-themed tea cup. I own at least 5 different Alice cups.

So what do you think Tim?

For the rest of the pictures contact my manager please.

I do not have one yet, but errrr I'll get one if you need me too! O_O

Or even better! No manager! So you don't have to deal with anybody else!

Aren't these some delightful photographs? I shall be waiting for your call, Burton, sir. *lame British accent*

In spite of all the embarrassment I just put myself through, I just wanted to show you these pictures. I know I'll get no call from anyone.

Disclaimer: This post is a joke. I respect Tim Burton as a creative genius and would give anything to be an ounce of what he is. I do really feel that way about the Alice movie, though.

Disclaimer2: Despite my nonsense, it IS true my classmate said that. But people have been saying I look "like a doll" forever, and I see no modeling agency discovering me. FUUUU forever a midget.

Disclaimer3: How is a raven like a writing desk?

Disclaimer 4: I am currently a little feverish. I guess that explains this post. I am not even sorry *tough guy pose*


  1. You look weird [in a very good way] and intresting :-? You`d be really good for one of his films :) How old are you?

    1. Thank you! That means a lot to me. I recently turned 20 years old :)

  2. from Myanmar with love :)