Wednesday, April 1, 2015


2014 was the year I found home.

It's hard to put feelings into words, so I'll try representing them with images. These past six months of no updates to the blog have one reason: I was, probably, living too much.

And of that, I have no regrets.

If my 2014 could be grasped and made into snapshots, it would look a bit like this...

 First time wearing Lolita out in the streets of Harajuku.

Harajuku food & shopping. Special mention: Ten kara PURA! (Heavenly Tempura from Tendon Tenya)

And I finally let it go on Halloween, lol. 

Finally I got to dress however the @#$% I wanted without anyone staring or screaming profanities at me. 

Design Festa. The most incredible event I've ever seen.

I suddenly lost a lot of weight. But no worries, 'cause it's all back now LOL 

Ah, now I understand how I got the weight back HAHAHA

Made friends more important than life.

And I went to Disney Sea!

My Christmas dinner was unexpected.

Yet my Christmas spirit, untainted.

I prayed.

... and love answered.

And finally, on the 1st day of 2015, I visited a shrine to offer my first respects of the year.

2015, you have some pretty high standards to follow.

Thank you for reading! Let's rush into 2015 together!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Pokémon Center Tokyo - October 2014

Hello everyone! I'm reporting live from Japan!

Today I bring you a picture-centric post from Minato's Pokémon Center Tokyo. Yesterday was my first time visiting the shop. I think I almost shed a tear (for real).

I've been a Pokémon fan for so long, and I know some of you are, too!

You can see October 2014's latest merchandise collections in the pictures. They include a Pikachu "Ouch" collection (in which all the Pokés have very guilty faces, I wonder what they did? haha) and the Halloween "Spooky Party" collection.

There was a really wide arrange of merchandise, specially clear files, for some reason.

Without further ado, enjoy! Please don't re-distribute the pics without permission. If there's anywhere in Tokyo you'd like to see, comment below and I'll go take pictures for you!

Hola gente! Estoy en vivo desde Japón.

Hoy les traigo un post lleno de fotos del Centro Pokémon en Minato, Tokyo. Ayer lo visité por primera vez! Casi lloro (en serio).

Desde chica que son fan de Pokémon, y sé que muchos de ustedes también!

Pueden ver la colección de Octubre 2014 en las fotos que siguen. Siempre suelen lanzar pequeñas colecciones de merchandising temático. En este caso, "Ouch" de Pikachu (donde los Pokés tienen caras muy culpables, qué habrán roto? JAJA) y "Spooky Party" para Halloween.

Venden muchísimos productos, pero lo más popular parece ser folios (tipo carpetitas) de colores.

Y sin más que decir, disfruten! Por fa no compartan las imágenes sin darme crédito. Si hay algún lugar en Tokyo que quieran ver, dejenme un comentario y saco fotos por ustedes!

Hope you enjoyed! <3 Espero que les haya gustado!

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