about the blogger

Name: Abigail
Nick Name: Sheepie, Abi, Abichuli, sometimes "Meme" by family members (nothing to do with internet memes, it's pronounced meh-meh and comes from "Megan" which bares no relation with my name. It's similar to a sheep's sound in Spanish, "meeeehhhh")
Birthday: March 21st
Zodiac Sign: Aries, the ram (with Virgo rising)
Blood type: B+
University: Bachelor's Degree in Social Communication
Hair color: honey blonde (wow, "honey"? Pretentious much? Ahaha)
Eye color: Light blue
Favorite food: A tie between sushi and chicken katsu curry
Favorite drink: Latte
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite movie(s): Mulan, Alice in Wonderland, Hercules, pretty much everything Disney.
Favorite book: Richard Bach's Johann Livingston Seagull.
Interests: fashion, gyaru, lolita, video-games, food, Disney, Japan, kawaii culture, make-up.

Blood type B personality traits: erratic, selfish, creative, optimistic.
Aries personality traits: headstrong, self-centered, moody, go-getter, impulsive, adventurous.
Virgo rising personality traits: sensitive, perfectionist, thinker.

Actual traits: the worst ones from each sign orz (pretty sure I got not one ounce of an adventurer in me)

♠ For business enquiries of any kind, please email me at abigail.c@gmail.com