Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happie Nuts July 2012 Magazine Scans

Hi minnasan!

I come bringing 07/2012 Happie Nuts scans today :3

It was my first time purchasing this Japanese magazine. It's really nice, the models are beautiful and the photographs are amazing quality!

This post is going to be slightly graphics-heavy, so I'll place it under a cut.

The cover. The magazine actually came with a Lip Service totebag! How awesome is that! I'll take a picture of the totebag later, but you can see it there in the upper-right corner. It's of a shiny material and full of sherbet-colored flowers. So 可愛い!

I am loving this dress brand. I recommend you to visit their site. I actually just found out about them. All the party dresses are CUTE MAX! Mana Honda, one of my favorite models (not the one pictures above) has modeled for them, it seems.

This dress is very interesting! Sayoko-chan is such a cute model. 

I am in love with the chiffon-like purple dress. And I usually don't like purple and its varieties, but this hue is stunning.

Adore this new sherbet flowers trend. The flowy textures of the clothing look really nice.

Oh my! Just how cute is Shizuka-chan?? Like I said before, this magazine really has some pretty models.

Haha, the perspective of clothing XD I included this in my scans because I thought it was really interesting!

My scanner just hated me here. I had to run back and forth from the printer to the computer because the scan started as soon as I pressed the button, and I had to make a run for it to press the magazine against the scanner XD lol.

I loved the theme for this photoshoot! The girls look like they are having fun.

Venus Academy Ad. I wish I could attend! (;^;) Mizukitty is looking so beautiful here. Can she be any more breathtaking? Jesus. (totally fangirling)

Back cover! :D And end.

Of course I didn't include the whole magazine, just the things that caught my attention ^^

Overall I really liked this magazine! I would buy again. It has a mature style, I like that (^^); Although I will admit I am also a sucker for cutesy magazines (such as Popteen... lol). But the fashion was all on-spot here. Lots of pretty coordinate ideas!

Enjoy :3 as usual, right-click and open in a new tab to view full-size.

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